Heidi Bosch Romano

Heidi Bosch Romano About Me: I started drawing when I was a toddler. By the age of seven, I could capture the likeness of people I drew. At the age of nine, my mother had me try creating with a charcoal pencil. She put an apple on the counter and said "draw a picture of that." She couldn't believe the result. She said it looked better than all the adult artists in her class. It was a proud moment for me when she sprayed it with a sealer. I still have that drawing today.

By the time I was a teenager, I was well-known for drawing realistic eyes. When I was seventeen, my mother wanted me to learn how to paint with oils. After I painted my first still life, she was so impressed, she said with a laugh, "You don't need lessons."

As an adult, I honed my skills by taking life drawing classes. In particular, I learned how to draw realistic hands and feet. I was told by the teacher that when reviewing artists' portfolios, many employers look for the artists' ability to draw them, since it is the most common weakness.

I started illustrating books and making cover art in 2006. Now, I find that creating children's picture books is the most gratifying work that I do. My most recent achievement is making my first deck of affirmation cards, and I plan to do more.

Have a happy and inspirational day.

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